The Calm Before the Storm

Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) — Death Valley, California

My spouse and I visited some of my family in California back in 2017, and together we did a driving tour through much of the area in and around Death Valley National Park. Even though I had lived out there for several years in the Los Angeles region, this was the first time I had ever visited Death Valley proper and I was completely taken by its stark beauty and isolation.

This specific location was south of the area near Skidoo, at a point where we stopped to stretch our legs on the Emigrant Canyon Road. When the car was shutoff, there was total silence — except for the ticking of the engine block as it cooled. No wind, no traffic, no aircraft… nothing. It was as if we had all gone suddenly deaf.

I have only been in a handful of places in my life where the silence is so profound, and I hope to return to this gem of a place again someday.

Image info:
Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia)
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley, California
October 2017
Ilford Pan F+ 50 film
Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5 ZM lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera