Engineering Wonder

Monocacy Aqueduct – Dickerson, Maryland

This is a wonder of civil engineering dating from 1829 – the Monocacy Aqueduct on the C&O Canal. It has survived countless floods and other forces of nature for nearly 200-years now, and looks to keep going strong for many centuries to come. It fell into disrepair for a long time, but was restored back in 2005.

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Photo info:
Monocacy Aqueduct
C&O Canal
Dickerson, Maryland
March 2018
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Gorgeous Day

Jutland Creek – Ridge, Maryland

From a brilliant winter day down on the water. Back when we owned our sailboat, I used to go down and check on it every month. Given that the commute to the boat could take as long as four hours when the traffic was bad, going down there was generally an all-day affair, even if the visit was for just checking the lines and making sure that it was secure. As a result, I always took my camera and wandered around looking for photo opportunities – and this was one of them.

Photo info:
Jutland Creek
Point Lookout Marina
Ridge, Maryland
December 2015
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