Pandemic Update

Our chickens and the greenhouse – Poolesville, Maryland

Well, it’s been over a year now since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and the resulting lockdown. How is everybody doing? All things considered, we’re doing fine. When it became obvious that we were going into a lockdown last year, we stocked up as much as we could on dry goods, face masks and gloves, and cleaning supplies – never dreaming that it’d take nearly twelve months (or more!) for some of the items to reappear on store shelves again.

After seeing how impacted our local grocery stores were, and all of the resulting empty meat and produce bins, we bought a greenhouse kit that we assembled ourselves, and a half-dozen egg-laying chickens – along with a wooden coop and a metal run that we also assembled ourselves. Both the greenhouse and chicken projects were severely impacted by the pandemic crush; the greenhouse arrived piecemeal over many months and wasn’t finished until just before cold weather set in last fall – and the chickens were backordered for a couple of months, but we finally began getting fresh eggs from them in September.

Orange blossoms in the greenhouse – Poolesville, Maryland

And now? Everything is humming right along. The greenhouse survived the winter weather, along with all of the plants in it – in fact, we just had our first fresh strawberries out of it, and yesterday Cindy’s orange tree began blooming for the first time, filling the space with the most amazing scent. Likewise, the chickens have been super healthy and we still have the original six hens that we initially ordered – no sickness or predation at all – and with the warmer weather and longer hours of sunlight, we’re back to getting six eggs per day. The photo above is of the hens being allowed to forage for greens and bugs in their mobile coop, with our greenhouse in the background.

After a year of teleworking at home, Cindy is slowly returning to her office at work, while I’m beginning on the bigger home projects that were put on hold during the lockdown because they would impact Cindy’s ability to telework. With both of us now fully vaccinated, Cindy also hopes to see her mom for the first time in over a year at the nursing home where she lives; her mom has severe dementia and can’t remember anything more than five minutes in the past, so the lockdown hasn’t been devastating to her.

Life is slowly returning to normal.

Photo info:
May 2021
All photos taken with an Apple iPhone 12 Pro