Published – Sunrise at the Marina

Our sailboat – Ridge, Maryland

This image was the leading photograph for the West Marine 2013 calendar, which was published and distributed nation-wide to all West Marine customers. I had actually been interested in getting a photo the opposite direction, then happened to glance behind me, and was stunned by this gorgeous sunrise.

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Photo info:
Our sailboat and dinghy
Point Lookout Marina
Ridge, Maryland
May 2012
Apple iPhone 4S

Golden Accents

The boatyard – Ridge, Maryland

Another early morning sunrise, with wonderful golden light. We loved going to this specific marina because it had such a nice natural environment. There were lots of big trees, clean water, and tons of critters to observe – both above and below the water. The only downside was the lengthy commute… on days with bad traffic, it could take us as long as four hours to reach it, which was a huge downside to having our boat there.

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Photo info:
The boatyard
Point Lookout Marina
Ridge, Maryland
May 2014
Leica Tri-Elmar 16/4.0 ASPH lens
Leica M240 digital camera

Celebrating Our Declaration of Independence

Old Glory and the USS Constellation – Baltimore, Maryland

Living in Maryland, one is constantly reminded about its rich history and the crucial role the state has played at critical points throughout our nation’s history. Given the current highly-polarized political climate, it’s easy to simply dismiss Maryland as just a blue state that always votes liberal, but that doesn’t do justice to the incredible list of contributions that the state and her people have made over the past 389 years.

  • Founded in 1632 by a colonial charter, Maryland was one of the original Thirteen Colonies of England
  • In 1649, it passed the Act Concerning Religion, a law that helped inspire later legal protections for freedom of religion in the United States
  • It was active in the events leading up to and during the American Revolution
  • Four of its delegates signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776
  • In 1790, it ceded the land required for the creation of our nations capital, Washington, D.C.
  • During the War of 1812, Maryland bore the brunt of the British attacks – some 11 major battles, 63 skirmishes, and 86 raids over a period of 2-½ years
  • The Star-Spangled Banner – our national anthem – was written in 1814 by Frances Scott Key, a native from the state, during the the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore.
  • Although it was a slave state at the time, Maryland remained in the Union during the American Civil War and was considered pivotal during the conflict due to its strategic location

The lengthy list goes on.

Similarly, each state in our union – whether blue, red, or purple – has made significant contributions to our great nation as a whole. On this day of national celebration – the Fourth of July – we need to remember that we are all part of the same nation.


All of us.

No matter the race, gender, religion, or political persuasion of each of us as individuals – we are all Americans.

Photo info:
The USS Constellation at dock
The Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland
July 2014
Voigtländer 21/1.8 ASPH lens
Leica M240 digital camera