Sunlit Cherry Blossoms

Sunlit cherry blossoms – Washington, DC

This image always reminds me of sweltering hot summers in Washington, DC, even though it was shot during the bracing spring days of mid-April. It just has that color and atmosphere to it that evokes heat in a big way. As I recall, this image was actually taken in temperatures around the mid-30s, on a still morning that just felt utterly frigid.

Photo info:
Sunlit cherry blossoms
Tidal Basin
Washington, DC
April 2015
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Sony NEX-5N digital camera

Stiff Breeze

Flags at the Washington Monument – Washington, DC

Getting close to the Washington Monument for a photo like this has been almost impossible for most of the past decade, due to the extensive ongoing repairs and maintenance to the obelisk itself and the grounds around it that never seem to stop – first to the outside and then the inside.

The first major closure — 2011 to 2014 — was for extensive repairs to the monument from the rare magnitude 5.8 earthquake that originated some 80 miles (128.7 km) to the southwest in the state of Virginia.

Then it was sporadically open off-and-on for a couple of years before being closed again – 2016 to 2019 – for elevator system repairs, security upgrades, and mitigation of soil contamination.

Then – just as things were finally looking up – along came the pandemic in 2020 and it’s been closed ever since.

Friends and family that have been wanting to visit DC and tour the Washington Monument have asked me repeatedly over the years when it will be reopened, but given that tourists have been able to access it for little of the past decade, I really don’t know what to tell them.

Photo info:
Flags at the Washington Monument
Washington Monument on the National Mall
Washington, DC
March 2006
Canon PowerShot G6 digicam

The View From Tom’s Place

From the Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Washington, DC

The title for this post comes from a comment a friend once told me – how we were intended to meet up at a certain time for a photo walk together at “Tom’s Place” – which confused me briefly until it clicked and I realized exactly what he meant. Now I’m reminded of that brilliant comment every time I see an image of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial or visit the site in person.

By the way, never underestimate the performance of a tiny film camera, because this image was taken with one of the smallest full-frame 35mm cameras to ever be commercially produced, using a black and white film known for its fine grain.

Photo info:
The view from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
The Tidal Basin on the National Mall
Washington, DC
August 2018
FILM Ferrania P30 film
Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8 lens
Contax T rangefinder camera