Ascent Into Nothingness

The Washington Monument – Washington, DC

Taken on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I grossly over-exposed this shot specifically to blow out everything except the deep shadows.

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Photo info:
The Washington Monument
The National Mall
Washington, DC
November 2015
Eastman Double-X (5222)
Zeiss Biogon 21/4.5 ZM lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

Steampunk Jungle

Tropical rainforest – Washington, DC

The US Botanic Garden on the National Mall in DC is one of my standard go-to destinations whenever I decide to visit the big city. They always have something of interest for me there, and it’s a welcome break from the non-stop hustle-and-bustle of the area around the US Capitol Building. This image was taken while sitting on one of the many park benches available throughout the facility.

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Photo info:
Tropical rainforest
US Botanic Garden
Washington, DC
November 2018
Eastman Double-X (5222) film
Voigtländer Ultron 21/1.8 ASPH lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

Cherry Blossom Sunrise

Washington Monument – Washington, DC

From one of my many pilgrimages to see the spring cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. Note the lack of soul crushing crowds in this image. This photograph was taken back in the days before the social media hordes, when one could actually go down there and enjoy the experience – unlike the circus spectacle it has become in recent years.

Photo info:
Washington Monument
Tidal Basin
Washington, DC
April 2005
Canon 16-35/4.0 ASPH lens
Canon EOS 20D digital camera