Tough Decisions

Tough decisions – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It’s nearly that time again… time for the local county fair, when the very toughest decisions are those made at the food stalls in the midway. What will it be… Dynamite onion? Fried pickles? Corn dog? French fries? No? How about a fried sweet of some sort… like maybe a Snickers bar, or a chunk of fried cheesecake? That’s okay, that’s okay… take your time. You have all the time in the world. I’ll get your friends order while you make your decision… now how about you, Miss – do you know what you want?

Photo info:
Tough decisions in the midway at the fair
Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
Gaithersburg, Maryland
August 2014
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Leica M240 digital camera

Proud Parents

Proud parents – Lilypons, Maryland

I always enjoy seeing the new critter additions in the spring and summer, though I haven’t been out to see as many this year and last due to the pandemic. This was taken at the nearby aquatic garden center, which is a huge magnet for birds of all kinds due to all of the protected ponds and wetlands that they have on the grounds.

Photo info:
Canada geese parents with their goslings
Lilypons Aquatic Gardens
Lilypons, Maryland
April 2014
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Leica M240 digital camera

Sunlit Cherry Blossoms

Sunlit cherry blossoms – Washington, DC

This image always reminds me of sweltering hot summers in Washington, DC, even though it was shot during the bracing spring days of mid-April. It just has that color and atmosphere to it that evokes heat in a big way. As I recall, this image was actually taken in temperatures around the mid-30s, on a still morning that just felt utterly frigid.

Photo info:
Sunlit cherry blossoms
Tidal Basin
Washington, DC
April 2015
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Sony NEX-5N digital camera