Curious cows – Frederick, Maryland

Ever since I first watched the fantastic De Düva – the 1968 Oscar-nominated parody of Ingmar Bergman’s black and white film classic, The Seventh Seal – I have referred to cows as “mooskas”, just like Madeline Kahn‘s character (in her film debut!) at the 7:00 minute mark in the video below. We were required to watch both The Seventh Seal and De Düva in design school, but De Düva has stuck with me for far longer, simply because I laughed so hard at it.

Photo info:
Curious cows (mooskas)
Monocacy National Battlefield
Frederick, Maryland
April 2016
Apple iPhone 6S

Big Red

Red rooster – Farm in Pennsylvania

We spotted this handsome devil while driving somewhere through southern Pennsylvania many years ago. A classic scene for the area – a big proud red rooster atop a stone wall, daring all challengers to step up and go toe-to-toe with him.

Photo info:
Red rooster
A farm in southern Pennsylvania
March 2006
Canon PowerShot G3

Osprey Has Landed!

Osprey – Ridge, Maryland

I don’t shoot many wildlife images for the simple fact that it can take an extraordinary level of patience and effort to capture decent looking photographs. This one in particular took nearly an hour and a half, and many dozens of exposures for me to finally capture one that I was satisfied with. I found that autofocus was useless because the osprey was arriving and departing too quickly, so I had to slowly setup manual focusing with each new arrival to the nest.

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Photo info:
Osprey landing on nest
Point Lookout Marina
Ridge, Maryland
May 2014
Leica Telyt-R 560/6.8 telephoto lens
Leica M240 digital camera