Engineering Wonder

Monocacy Aqueduct – Dickerson, Maryland

This is a wonder of civil engineering dating from 1829 – the Monocacy Aqueduct on the C&O Canal. It has survived countless floods and other forces of nature for nearly 200-years now, and looks to keep going strong for many centuries to come. It fell into disrepair for a long time, but was restored back in 2005.

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Photo info:
Monocacy Aqueduct
C&O Canal
Dickerson, Maryland
March 2018
Apple iPhone 6S

Icy Cold

C&O Towpath bridge – Seneca, Maryland

Taken during a winter walk around the C&O Canal. We were taken by how ominous the bridge looked in the stark winter conditions, and how it was completely invisible to anyone walking on the Canal Towpath – it was only from this vantage point that things got eerie.

Photo info:
C&O Canal bridge in the winter
C&O Canal Towpath
Seneca, Maryland
December 2016
Kodak BW400CN film
Zeiss Biogon 21/4.5 lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

Slingshot Tree

Slingshot tree – Potomac, Maryland

This is just an odd tree that I noticed on one of my many walks along the C&O Canal Towpath. Anytime that I go for a stroll away from our house – no matter where it is — I bring a camera along with me and am constantly on the lookout for interesting images to take. In this case, I saw a different shadow (of all things) on the towpath, and looked around for the source.

Photo info:
Slingshot tree
C&O Canal Towpath
Potomac, Maryland
November 2015
Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film
Voigtländer 15/4.5 ASPH lens
Leica M3 film camera