Whispers in Gray

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit, specifically for the weather and terrain. I’ve been there enough over the years to appreciate the good along with the bad, which is why I no longer want to live there anymore. A fine place to visit, yes; to live, no. I had some friends that were long time residents of downtown San Francisco – having been there since the psychedelic paisley days of the late 1960s –whom decided to shutter their businesses, sell their home, and relocate far away from all of the crime, drugs, and homelessness that have inundated San Francisco in recent years. Which is a crying shame because it’s such a stunning city to experience.

Photo info:
Golden Gate Bridge
Fort Point National Historic Site
San Francisco, California
May 2003
Canon PowerShot G3 digicam

Over Two Decades of Progress

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) – Wheaton, Maryland

Here is a comparison of two different images taken 24-years apart. The top image was taken yesterday, and the bottom image was taken back in 1997. The top image is digital, and the bottom image is a scan from a 35mm slide. They were taken an entire continent apart from one another, in different light, and at different times of the day. The top image I could see instantly and the bottom image I couldn’t see until the film was returned to me after processing a couple of weeks later.

As much as I’ve always loved the super-saturated colors of the bottom image – Velvia slide film is known for that – I feel that the upper image is more accurate in terms of color, saturation, and natural-looking bokeh.

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) – Laguna Beach, California

Technology marches on. I imagine someday that I’ll be able to take a photo with a smartphone that will eventually equal or exceed the quality of either of these two images, both of which were taken with state-of-the-art camera gear of each era.

Photo info:
Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)
Brookside Gardens Conservatory
Brookside Gardens
Wheaton, Maryland
June 2021
Voigtländer 65/2.0 APO Macro lens
Sony a7 III digital camera

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)
Heisler Park
Laguna Beach, California
May 1997
Fujifilm Velvia 50 slide film
Leica Noctilux 50/1.0 lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

The Old Stone Barn

The stone barn – Frederick, Maryland

One of the treats to visit around Frederick, Maryland, is the Monocacy National Battlefield that is located just to the southeast of town. On the grounds of the working farms located within the battlefield can be found some original structures like this old stone barn, which is made from locally sourced materials. Sadly, the battlefield has I-270 completely cutting it in half, which can be seen in the far distance.

Photo info:
The old stone barn
Best Farm
Monocacy National Battlefield
Frederick, Maryland
March 2014
Leica Tri-Elmar 16/4.0 ASPH lens
Leica M240 digital camera