Berserker Dogs

Nighttime at the docks – Crescent City, California

I know they aren’t visible to the naked eye, but there really are berserker dogs in this image. They are in the parked vehicle in the left hand section of the frame. My family and I had arrived in Crescent City earlier in the afternoon, eaten an early dinner, and were taking a chilly November stroll on the dock before heading off to bed – all the while enjoying the evening lights and the neat atmospheric conditions. As we slowly wandered and sauntered around pier, dithering this way and that, we passed next to the parked vehicle…

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Unknown to us at the time, there were two large guard dogs lurking in the car – contained only by the closed doors and windows – and when we got too close, they went absolutely apeshit and proceeded to completely rip the interior of the car to pieces in their anger at not being able to do the same to us. The dogs – backlit and in silhouette – were raging, the car was violently rocking, and we could see large chunks of upholstery being tossed around in the interior like an F2 tornado was loose in it.

Once we got over our initial shock, we found the slapstick scene to be hilarious and guffawed to the point where we could hardly walk, with the dogs continuing to go berserk at the sight of us. We ended up beating a hasty retreat, though we continued to belly laugh all the way to our hotel rooms some distance away. We never saw anyone come out and check on the dogs, and wondered what they would think of the destruction when they finally did.

Photo info:
November night on the dock
Harbor District
Crescent City, California
November 2012
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Sony NEX-5N digital camera


Lightship Chesapeake (LV-116) – Baltimore, Maryland

From one of my many visits to Baltimore. Prior to the pandemic, I would typically visit the various sights in Baltimore once or twice per year. I think that this is the longest period I’ve gone without having dropped by at some point – approaching nearly two years or more now. For those interested, this is the lightship Chesapeake (LV-116) and you can read about it here.

Photo info:
The lightship Chesapeake (LV-116)
The Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland
March 2015
Eastman Double-X 5222 film
Voigtländer Heliar 15/4.5 ASPH lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

Sunrise on the Water

Back when we owned a sailboat – an old used sailboat, mind you – we docked it down at the tip of southern Maryland, in a quiet backwater of the Potomac River. It was secluded, filled with clear water, had lots of older trees and growth, was home to a plethora of land and aquatic creatures – and had some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the region.

Photo info:
Sunrise at the marina
Point Lookout Marina
Ridge, Maryland
July 2013
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens
Sony NEX-5R digital camera