Rural Sunrise

Rural sunrise – Poolesville, Maryland

One of my many plein air watercolor paintings, this is one of the surrounding crop fields that we have here where we live – done in the spring when the colors are intense and vibrant.

Painting info:
Rural sunrise
Crop field
Poolesville, Maryland
April 1989
Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolors
Lanaquarelle 100% cotton 140 lb hot press paper

Published – Multi-Image Art

Multi-image artwork – Richmond, Virginia

Long ago – in another lifetime and a different career – I worked in the multi-image industry, as part of a small, seven-person company that won many of the top awards in world-wide international competition. The image above was one of the stills that we crafted for a 1983 presentation we created for Comdial Corporation, a telephone manufacturing company that was based in Charlottesville, Virginia. For this image, I created all of the line work, the many Rubylith overlays (one for each element), shot and processed the numerous positive and negative 8×10 Kodalith mask films (two for each element) – which were then shot on 35mm slide film as individual elements with a FOROX rostrum camera and combined in-camera for the final completed image. A lot of time, effort, and work for just one image – and all done before computer graphics had arrived on the scene.

Photo info:
Still from a presentation created for Comdial Corporation
Slidemaker Productions
Richmond, Virginia
Kodak Ektachrome 100 film
Nikon 50/2.0 lens
FOROX rostrum camera and animation stand

Quite the View – Redux

Down the valley – Ophir, Colorado

Lest anyone think that in the recent rush of photography and video from the Florida Keys I forgot about posting one of my paintings to keep everything balanced… here you go – a watercolor of the American West. More specifically, the valley leading down from Ophir Pass in southwest Colorado, just south of the posh ski town of Telluride. This is a studio painting I created from a panorama of four images I captured many years ago as we were hiking around Ophir Pass and taking in the magnificent sights.

The road down from Ophir Pass – Ophir, Colorado

Southwestern Colorado remains one of my favorite places to visit for the ruggedness and spectacular views.

Painting info:
The view down Ophir Valley
Near the summit of Ophir Pass
Ophir, Colorado
April 2019
Schmincke Horadam Aquarell watercolors
Fluid 100 100% cotton 140 lb cold press paper

Photo info:
The view down Ophir Valley
Near the summit of Ophir Pass
Ophir, Colorado
July 2004
Canon PowerShot G3 digicam