What Lies Beneath

High water – Seneca, Maryland

From one of the regular spring time floods that normally occurs in our area.

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Photo info:
Potomac River
Seneca, Maryland
March 2016
Zeiss Sonnar 35/2.0 ASPH lens
Sony RX1R II digital camera

6 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

    1. Indeed it is – good eyes!

      Fun fact (or not so fun)… as I was taking this photo, a shotgun went off directly behind me, about a hundred feet away.

      This is not a hunting area. It is specifically posted for no hunting. It wasn’t hunting season for animals of any kind.

      Turned out it was poachers, and they shot a pair of swans.

      I called it into the local Park Service rangers – since this location is part of the C&O Canal – but after waiting for 40 minutes, they never showed. I had photos of the vehicle and license plate of the guys as well.


      1. They probably did … they couldn’t find what they were really looking for and decided on the swans. I’m glad you didn’t get hit. Poachers are notorious poor shots.

        While we were in Michigan, Amanda from the JN Ranch next door spotted a couple of hunters on their range from the security cameras. It’s no hunting on their range. She called the sheriff’s department, two deputies came out. They stayed on dirt roads, so she was able to track them with no problem. They tracked them for about an hour. The poachers were ready to aim at her cattle. That’s when they approached them, guns drawn. Amanda told them if they don’t disarm, she would kill them on the spot. The deputies didn’t interfere. The cattle rustling laws from the Old West Days are still on the books. The only thing she can’t do is hang ’em high.

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      2. Considering that I was the only one there with the gunners, I didn’t linger near them. We’ve had a number of close calls with gunners armed with rifles over the years – generally idiots that were shooting in remote parking lots or trail heads, with people no more than 20 feet away from them. Dunno what the issue is with people like that.

        Decades ago we lived in Potomac, Maryland, on a nature lover’s paradise. It was an old caretaker’s cottage on an early 20+ acre estate, with a small pond and lots of wildlife. One day a neighbor let her dogs out – two German Shepherds, and two other smaller breeds. They proceeded to terrorize all of the animals in the neighborhood, including our small flock of domestic geese. I couldn’t do much about it since we were renting the cottage at the time, but I did run off the dogs by shouting and chasing after them.

        However, later that same day, the dogs tangled with the wrong homeowner. They went after some prizewinning goats in a fenced field of one of our distant neighbors. The goat owner just happened to witness them killing one of her goats – and since she was highly-ranked skeet shooter – she dispatched two of the dogs, put a load of lead in the third, and the fourth one got the message and vanished before she could ventilate him too.

        The dog owner came pounding on our cottage door a couple hours later demanding to know if WE were the ones that shot her dogs. She was mighty convinced that we did, but she ultimately learned that it was one of her immediate neighbors. She also learned the hard way that our county has a firm dog leash policy county-wide, and that she had no legal standing as a consequence of her actions (letting the dogs roam freely). Even better, the goat owner was found to be within her legal rights to kill the marauding dogs, and was allowed to seek damages for her own loss of a prizewinning goat. All total, the dog owner lost the right to own dogs, had to pay legal fees for both parties when she lost the court case, and had to pay a huge fine for the loss of the goat.


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