Going Up

New construction – Rosslyn, Virginia

Every time I go down to Rosslyn, I’m always wandering around drop-jawed. I used to work in Rosslyn back in the 1990s, and it’s always been one of the fastest developing business spaces that I’ve ever seen – with new buildings and construction constantly happening over the years. And unlike DC – right across the river – Rosslyn doesn’t have the height restrictions, and they build tall there.

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Photo info:
New building construction
Rosslyn, Virginia
November 2015
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

8 thoughts on “Going Up

  1. The tall building era in Denver seems to be over. It’s been awhile since they’ve built anything tall in downtown. In COS, I think the tallest building is in the 15-20 floor range, and it’s been awhile too. Right now, low rise apartment buildings, 5-6 floors, are the builds. I think the area is being called “LOCOS” but not for that reason. 😉 The apartments are overpriced, but the local housing market is overheated both to buy and rent. Local rents are much higher than a monthly mortgage payment.

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    1. What are rents going for out there? Here in the MD/DC/VA region they’ve been going for $2,500-to-$5,000 per month. When I lived in DC back in the late 1980s, I had a tiny one-room efficiency that went for $480 per month.


      1. For a decent place, rents are in the $1200-$3200 range per month, mostly to capture the military housing allowance. Mortgages are in the $900-1200 range for 3-bed/1 bath home. Of course, it pales in comparison to MD/DC/VA, NYC, Bay Area, Chicago. Homes begin in the high 200s, low 300s. If you’re poor, and we got plenty of them here, you’ll have to settle for for $4-600 per month and a nightly appearance on the police blotter, on the late local news.

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      2. My sis, Ginny, says the median income in COS is around $64K. I just don’t see it. That presumes everyone is a government contractor (primarily fed). Most federal contractors work for DoD. Or, work for a rich web start-up.

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      3. I agree with you.

        As much as we wanted to move out to the Rocky Mountains decades ago, the one thing that stopped us was money. We each made a decent income from just one job in Maryland. In the places where we looked to buy a future home out West, people were working as many as four and five different low-paying jobs and still struggled to make ends meet.

        The worst example of this that we found was Silverton, Colorado. When we bought our place out there, we approached a builder in town to have a cabin put up on our property. As we talked with him, we found that he ran the local RV park, was a pastor in the local church, built cabins in the Silverton area, was a building inspector for counties outside of the one that he built homes in, and also a laundromat. So, a total of five jobs for him. And he still had to hunt game in order to put food on the table for his family, otherwise they wouldn’t have had meat at all. In fact, when we went to meet him for the first time at his RV park, we discovered his wife and daughter were dressing a deer out on a clothes folding table in the attached laundromat, which is how we first learned about all of his different jobs. His wife had a bunch of different jobs too, but I can’t remember all of hers.

        When we move to a beautiful place, we want to enjoy it – not be a slave to stay in it.

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      4. Ginny is a slave to her house. I haven’t told her that, but I presume she knows. She’s working 3-4 different teaching gigs, plus private tutoring. It took her about 3 years to get her house refi, which was around $50K. The different banks didn’t want to refi her because of the amount. BOA told her what don’t you ask for $50K in cash as part of the refi; they would be able to qualify her based on her income.

        What doesn’t help is the gentrification that is ongoing here in Colorado. New homes in the high $200s to mid-300s; existing homes in established neighborhoods not far behind. If you were to come to COS, it’s a far different place from the last time you were here. It changes fast.

        Add in the smoke-n-mirrors economy along with covid, something’s going to give. A little of “stay tuned” to see the resulting train wreck.

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