Cathedral to the Skies

National Airport – Arlington, Virginia

I’ve lived in the DC region long enough that some naming conventions just don’t cut it for me. National Airport (DCA) will always be National Airport, no matter what Congress decrees. The Cabin John Bridge will always be the Cabin John Bridge to me as well, and the same applies to many other landmarks in the DC region that get renamed whenever the political winds change.

This image is from within the New Terminal of National Airport, which opened in June 1997. Prior to that, National was in danger of being closed – because it was such a horrible airport to fly in-and-out of, there was virtually no short-term or long-term parking, and the privilege of using it seemed to be habitually abused by members of Congress. All of that changed with the opening of the New Terminal, the construction of much needed short-term parking decks and long-term parking areas, and getting the Congress-designated VIP parking area out of the public eye.

However, today National is a jewel to fly in-and-out of, and is fairly easy to deal with on just about every level.

Photo info:
New Terminal
National Airport (DCA)
Arlington, Virginia
January 2016
Zeiss Sonnar 35/2.0 ASPH lens
Sony RX1R II digital camera

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