Cherry Blossom Sunrise

Washington Monument – Washington, DC

From one of my many pilgrimages to see the spring cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. Note the lack of soul crushing crowds in this image. This photograph was taken back in the days before the social media hordes, when one could actually go down there and enjoy the experience – unlike the circus spectacle it has become in recent years.

Photo info:
Washington Monument
Tidal Basin
Washington, DC
April 2005
Canon 16-35/4.0 ASPH lens
Canon EOS 20D digital camera

4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Sunrise

  1. Hi Mitch, for a time I owned a Canon 40D. I took some wonderful images with it until I was consumed by a large wave with it in my hands. I recently shot some pics with my Nikon D40, the camera that started my photo journey and was amazed at the image quality using the stock kit lens.

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  2. Beautiful, beautiful, Mitch. My mom always wanted to see the cherry trees in full bloom, but never got the chance. When I was stationed at Norfolk for a short time, I invited the folks to come visit during blossom time. They couldn’t make it out due to a late winter storm. The following year, I was somewhere else.

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