Abandoned View

Abandoned cabin – Ironton, Colorado

This abandoned cabin was fairly close to our old property in southwest Colorado, but it was much harder to reach, being at 12,600 feet (3840 m) of elevation and with no road leading to it. I can only imagine that prospectors got to it on foot – like we did – or by using horse, mules, or donkeys. Either way, the climb to that cabin – which is very near Bonita Peak – is brutal, but the view once there is stupendous. It’s like being at the top of the world.

Cindy at the abandoned cabin – Ironton, Colorado

The detritus inside the cabin was interesting, and it also looked like various critters would seek shelter there, based upon all the different scat that we observed. If you click on the image below, you can see on Google maps exactly where this cabin can be found.

Location of the cabin – Ironton, Colorado

Photo info:
Abandoned mining cabin
North Fork Cement Creek
Ironton, Colorado
July 2004
Canon PowerShot G3 digicam

4 thoughts on “Abandoned View

    1. Oh yeah, that entire area is riddled worse than Swiss cheese with mining claims… not just the surface, but overlapping down through the strata. Some of the claim maps are quite a thing to behold.


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