Deep in the Black

Dupont Circle Metro entrance – Washington, DC

Back when I was shooting film, I liked to head into DC for photo opportunities. With so much architecture to be had, there are always shots to create with leading lines that make for pleasing framing of the subjects. This image was captured while heading down the long escalators into the dark abyss of the Washington Metro system. Truly, the entrances are naturally lit during the daylight hours and they can get quite dark when there is heavy cloud cover.

Photo info:
Pedestrians coming down the escalator
Dupont Circle Metro station
Washington, DC
August 2014
Ilford Delta 100 film
Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8 lens
Contax T 35mm film rangefinder camera

2 thoughts on “Deep in the Black

    1. Indeed they are; at one point in time, several of them were declared the longest and deepest escalators in the world.

      The underground portion of the DC Metro system is better lit now than it was back in the mid-1970s, when it first opened, but the better lighting came at the expense of the sleek design ethos it first embodied. It now has lights, signs, and metal electrical conduit everywhere and looks quite cluttered. Brighter, but cluttered.

      When we moved to the DC region back in 1977, one of our next door neighbors was one of the primary tunneling engineers for the DC Metro. He told us that the reason it went way over budget and took so much longer to build than originally planned was because there were vertical fins of rock that were missed in the initial survey drills. So they kept running into walls of solid rock when they thought they had much softer material to tunnel through. Very frustrating.


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