Dark Water

Rainbow Falls – Watkins Glen, New York

We had been interested in seeing the incredible views at Watkins Glen State Park for many years, but simply hadn’t found the time to visit it until the summer of 2018. Wow – it was even better than we anticipated! The canyon that the park is centered around is quite narrow and deep, which makes for tough shooting conditions with a film camera due to the lack of light. All of my shots within the canyon were ½-second in length, with the aperture wide-open – and still there were areas where I couldn’t take shots because it was simply too dark. Highly recommended as a travel destination.

Photo info:
Rainbow Falls
Gorge Trail
Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen, New York
August 2018
Film Ferrania P30
Zeiss Sonnar 40/2.8 lens
Rollei 35S 35mm film camera

7 thoughts on “Dark Water

    1. I expect that the canyon is much the same as when you last visited, but the entrance is very different from what you remember, due to relatively recent construction of the current visitors center and parking area which appeared nearly new when we went there.

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