Morning Glow

Sunflower – Poolesville, Maryland

We decided to rehome our small flock of egg-laying chickens recently. Since we plan to sell our property here and move out to Montana within the next two years, we need to begin getting the yard recovered from where the chicken coop and run were located – because the chickens had stripped the ground completely bare, and getting the grass in that patch to match the rest of the lawn will take some time. But until then, we have some rogue sunflowers that began to grow around the edge of the chicken run – and they are now looking gorgeous.

Photo info:
Sunflower bloom
Poolesville, Maryland
July 2021
Apple iPhone 12 Pro

4 thoughts on “Morning Glow

    1. My hometown is Idaho Falls in eastern Idaho. My dad was a mechanical engineer at the time and we moved wherever his employer (Bechtel) had work to be done, which was all over the country. I’ve been trying to move back to that region for most of my adult life. Fortunately for me, Cindy has also wanted to live out there ever since she was a teen, so it’s been a combined goal for us.


      1. Your dad worked at the reactor site in Idaho Falls? I think they call it INEL, or something like that. I know the Navy had their nuclear propulsion school there because of the reactor. When you move, rural or small town? If you’ve been or you haven’t, visit the Custer battlefield site. Except for the different markers, it is pure prairie out there. It is like you’ve stepped back in time.

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      2. Yep, he worked at The Site on the S1W reactor (Submarine One Westinghouse) – though it was actually out near Arco and not close to Idaho Falls. As a Westinghouse employee, he taught the Navy sub crews on the workings of S1W before being hired away by Bechtel to work on commercial nuclear power plants as a startup engineer — so we jumped all over the place, almost like we were in the military ourselves.

        Within the next two years, we plan to relocate to an small unincorporated community in the Madison Valley south of Bozeman – big enough for a small post office, but no stores or gas stations, and no stop signs.

        We drove past the Custer battlefield twice on this past trip, though we haven’t had the time to visit it yet. We just love that area out there. Having spent most of my adult life in the close confines of the green tunnels of the east, being out west is so free and liberating, and I’ve missed it so much.


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