Seldom Seen Now

Common toad (Bufo bufo) – Poolesville, Maryland

We used to see lots of tree frogs and common toads in our yard when we first moved here in the early-1990s – lurking for unsuspecting insects in our vegetable garden and flower beds – but they began to disappear within a few years and now we rarely see them at all. This is the last large toad that I’ve been able to photograph, and that was over seven years ago. We’ve seen two or three other small amphibians since then, but none of them have been as big, beautiful, and plump as this one.

We don’t know what to attribute the decline to, because we didn’t use chemicals on our lawn, garden, or flower beds during the time that we noted the decline of their numbers in our yard. However, we do still hear peepers in distance at night, but even their welcome sound is dying down over time.

Toad – Poolesville, Maryland

Photo info:
Common toad (Bufo bufo)
Poolesville, Maryland
April 2014
Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH lens with helical extender
Leica M240 digital rangefinder camera

Deep in the Black

Dupont Circle Metro entrance – Washington, DC

Back when I was shooting film, I liked to head into DC for photo opportunities. With so much architecture to be had, there are always shots to create with leading lines that make for pleasing framing of the subjects. This image was captured while heading down the long escalators into the dark abyss of the Washington Metro system. Truly, the entrances are naturally lit during the daylight hours and they can get quite dark when there is heavy cloud cover.

Photo info:
Pedestrians coming down the escalator
Dupont Circle Metro station
Washington, DC
August 2014
Ilford Delta 100 film
Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8 lens
Contax T 35mm film rangefinder camera

Sunset on Sinepuxent Bay

Looking toward Salt Point – Berlin, Maryland

We try to make it to the Eastern Shore of Maryland at least once per year, though we typically do it during the off-season when it’s cooler and there are less black flies and other blood-sucking insects to deal with. The same applies to the crowds of tourons that the area is afflicted with during the summer. So – as usual – this was taken at the end of December, when the plagues of tourons and black flies were long gone.

Photo info:
Sunset on Sinepuxent Bay
Assateague Island Visitor Center
Berlin, Maryland
December 2013
Sony 10-18/4.0 ASPH lens
Sony a7 digital camera