Bodie State Historic Park – Bridgeport, California

Exploring the desert area of south eastern California has always been high on my travel wish list, with Bodie State Historic Park at the top of the places that I wanted to visit there.

Photo info:
Abandoned cabin
Bodie State Historic Park
Bridgeport, California
Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film
Zeiss Biogon 21/4.5 ZM lens
Leica M3 35mm film camera

4 thoughts on “Weathered

    1. Thank you for your kind words!

      I love shooting film. I grew up with film, was formally schooled on film, and my entire creative career was spent on film. Then digital came along.

      I was an early adopter of digital and stayed with it for over a decade. Then my only digital camera died, and – due to a trip – I had to fall back on my old 35mm film camera. It was love again! And – like with digital – I stayed with it for many years.

      But not now.

      Today film is horrifically expensive to both shoot and process, especially if you favor slide film. For instance, Kodak Ektachrome 100 (36 exposures) with processing is currently $32.98 per roll at B&H Photo – or $0.92 cents per shot. I can’t speak for others, but on a long road trip like those that Cindy and I enjoy, I typically shoot around 40+ rolls of film (1,440 exposures) or close to 20,000 exposures if I’m shooting digital. 40 rolls of slide film costs $1,320 versus the much lower cost of digital, which has all of its associated costs up front.

      Now that I’m retired and on a much smaller fixed income, digital is the path forward for me. You will continue to see lots of film shots here because I have a huge library of older film images to share – but you won’t see any new film images, because I’ve sold my film gear off.

      Thanks again for noticing! 🙂

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