Post-Pandemic Road Trip

The Madison Range – Ennis, Montana

We just got back from a three week road trip to the northwestern Rockies, to visit one of our very favorite places – Ennis, Montana. After having been in lockdown and extended social distancing for more than a year, the break felt wonderful. And before you get all judgmental on me – yes, we were both fully vaccinated and we both tested negative for Covid prior to leaving on our journey.

Going through so many states during our long drive, it was challenging to figure out where each community was with regard to reopening. Some still required full mask wearing compliance, others were somewhere in between, and some were like nothing had ever happened. Very weird.

We pretty much avoided being around other people as a whole during the entire trip. We never ate in a restaurant, whether it was sit-down dining or fast food, and we just stayed away from crowds altogether. Once we arrived at our destination, we had a place to stay in all by ourselves, which was exactly what we needed. Lots of nature enjoyment and critter watching, good home-cooked meals, extensive amounts of rest and downtime, no work deadlines for Cindy, no nothing. It was heaven.

However, now we’re back home and have to resume the daily grind of the rat race. Sigh…

Photo info:
The Madison Range
Ennis, Montana
May 2021
Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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