The Florida Keys – Day 4

Sailing in the Atlantic – Bahia Honda Key, Florida

We went further afield on the fourth day of our visit, taking the kayaks with us down to Bahia Honda Key – which is one of the first places in Florida where we had tent camped together many years before. There we initially put both kayaks in the water, but it was too rough and windy for Cindy’s smaller kayak, so we pulled hers out and went on with just the bigger trimaran. Even then – compared to the mild and placid conditions on the Gulf side – we were really tossed about in the much rougher sea state of the Atlantic. We sailed up and down the coastline, put into the beach when we tired of the constant thrashing we were receiving, then sailed in the Atlantic some more, before finally deciding that we’d taken enough of a beating and headed back to the launch ramp for the day.

Cindy’s video doesn’t show it, but our sailing trimaran caught the interest of two no-nonsense border patrol officers, and they really gave us and the big kayak a lengthy and detailed examination, peppered throughout with lots of questions. Not ever having received that kind of attention from law enforcement before, I was a bit concerned about all of the focus we were getting from them – but they eventually were satisfied and moved on with their patrolling.

We didn’t take much in the way of photos on this day, simply because the conditions were so rough on the Atlantic side.

Photo info:
Video taken with a Sony waterproof digicam

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