The Florida Keys – Day 3

Launching the kayaks – Grassy Key, Florida

Day 3 began with a brief torrential downpour of rain, just as I was beginning to launch the kayaks for the day. But that was okay – the rain didn’t last long and the squall blew out to sea quickly. As I was getting the kayaks prepped for the day of activities that we had planned, a visitor showed up – a black spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura similis)! I had no idea they had lizards that large in the Keys, but then again this was our first visit where we were up close and personal with nature.

Unexpected friend – Grassy Key, Florida

Once we had both kayaks out on the water together for the first time, I went sailing all over the place, while Cindy went slowly exploring the shoreline with her underwater camera, as you can see in the video below.

With another fun day behind us, we returned to the resort and pulled the kayaks from the water, just as more rain squalls moved in for the evening.

End of the day – Grassy Key, Florida

I do love the water down there in the Keys. There is abundant life all around and never a dull moment if you’re into nature like we are.

Just after sunset – Grassy Key, Florida

Photo info:
All photos taken with an Apple iPhone 5S
Video taken with a Sony waterproof digicam

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