Beautiful Evening in the Florida Keys

Gulf View Waterfront Resort – Marathon, Florida

For our 20th wedding anniversary, we did a road trip down to the Florida Keys – a destination that we had visited a number of times before, only this time was different… we brought a Hobie sailing trimaran with us. The experience of exploring the Keys by water was so spectacular and enjoyable, that I don’t want to do it any other way ever again. By car the Florida Keys are just kinda “meh”, because of all of the traffic, strip malls, souvenir shops, and the like. But by boat – any boat – the Keys are elevated into a truly special experience that will be memorable for years to come.

Photo info:
Twilight with the gulls on Marathon Key
Gulf View Waterfront Resort
Marathon, Florida
June 2010
Apple iPhone 5S

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Evening in the Florida Keys

    1. Cindy and I went down there early on in our relationship, and then later my mom moved to Key West and stayed there for many years, so I’m pretty familiar with the Keys as a whole. If you visit there eventually, either take a boat with you or rent one after you get down there – because it elevates the experience to an entirely different level that’s sooooo much more enjoyable.

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  1. Now that sounds like an experience. I have made the drive to Key West, but found myself overwhelmed by the traffic, especially upon arrival. Taking to the water sounds much more enjoyable.

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    1. Yeah, doing the Keys by car just sucks. With the Hobie sailing trimaran (Mirage Tandem Island), we blasted up and down around the Keys, both on the Gulf side and the Atlantic side – it was just so much fun! I’ll have to post the videos that Cindy made of our outings on the water.


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