Seneca Mill and Quarry Ruins

Seneca Mill and Quarry ruins – Seneca, Maryland

No, these aren’t some Aztec ruins in the middle of an equatorial jungle in Central America. These are actually jungle ruins in central Maryland – more specifically, the ruins of the Seneca Mill and Quarry within eyesight of the C&O Canal Towpath, some 20 miles northwest of Washington, DC. This is the quarry and mill that provided the red sandstone used in building a number of the C&O Canal locks and bridges, the Smithsonian Castle down on the National Mall, and hundreds of other structures in the Baltimore and DC regions.

Surprisingly — as large as they are — the ruins are completely invisible from the C&O Canal, due to the heavy stands of trees and thick undergrowth that surrounds them. And sadly, they may not be around for many more years due to same vegetation overrunning and destroying them.

Photo info:
Seneca Mill And Quarry ruins
Seneca Mill And Quarry on the C&O Canal
Seneca, Maryland
November 2015
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