The View From Tom’s Place

From the Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Washington, DC

The title for this post comes from a comment a friend once told me – how we were intended to meet up at a certain time for a photo walk together at “Tom’s Place” – which confused me briefly until it clicked and I realized exactly what he meant. Now I’m reminded of that brilliant comment every time I see an image of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial or visit the site in person.

By the way, never underestimate the performance of a tiny film camera, because this image was taken with one of the smallest full-frame 35mm cameras to ever be commercially produced, using a black and white film known for its fine grain.

Photo info:
The view from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
The Tidal Basin on the National Mall
Washington, DC
August 2018
FILM Ferrania P30 film
Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8 lens
Contax T rangefinder camera

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