Come a Little Closer

Crab spider (Thomisidae) — Poolesville, Maryland

Spring is not only the time for blooms, but also for critters of all sizes — including spiders. Now I’m not a spider guy… if they get on me, it’s every man for himself — as I wildly flail about and go berserk, trying to get it off of me. However, I’m selective about the spiders that I react to; for instance, I love jumping spiders and always go out of my way to treat them well. The same applies to wolf spiders, the bigger the better. And I also treat crab spiders nicely, because they’re just so cool looking.

For this particular image, I had previously planted some Grandpa Ott Morning Glory seeds, which grew like crazy and produced some of the most intensely purple blooms that you can imagine. I loved those blooms so much that I’d go out each and every morning before work to see the latest additions, and was stunned to see this yellow crab spider all crouched down and ready to spring on some unsuspecting prey.

I have to wonder, though… Did the spider not realize just how visible it was to birds that like to eat spiders?

Nevertheless, I was able to take many shots of it, and this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Image info:
Crab spider (Thomisidae) on a morning glory blossom
Poolesville, Maryland
August 2004
Canon PowerShot G3 digicam

2 thoughts on “Come a Little Closer

  1. Ha! Jumping spiders are also my favorites. They are the most interactive, and obviously can see you. And I also love crab spiders. They are very appealing, but I haven’t seen one in a very long time. Once when I was a kid I found several on one plant, and I was blown away by it. At the time I lived in an apartment and the only pets I had were spiders.

    This is a great photo with the opposite colors coming together, and the dramatic depth of field.


    1. “Pet” spiders… (shudder).

      Could be worse. Could be one of those giant orb web spiders that they have down in Florida. First time I ever encountered one of those, it was because I nearly ran into a dead bird magically floating upside down in the air right in front of my face. What an amazingly strong web they produce!

      We usually see several crab spiders each growing season — I’ll see if I can spot one in the coming months and share it with you.

      Thanks! It’s always gratifying to find a photo that comes together on its own, so all I have to do is just choose the framing and push the button.


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