Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, California

From a different trip to visit family in southern California, we stopped by Laguna Beach — an area where one of them had lived for a time. Laguna Beach is — or was (they’ve lost a number of shops and artists over the years) — very much an artist’s colony, in which there are a huge variety of shops dedicated to the sale of all things art related. This is where the famous “Festival of Arts’ Pageant of the Masters“ has been held annually since 1933, so they definitely take their art seriously here.

For me, a visit to Laguna Beach isn’t complete without some quality time spent in Heisler Park, the section of coast devoted to the preservation of tide pools and water quality protection. Here one can find all sorts of potential painting opportunities — for both plein air and as photos for future reference to be used in studio art, like this painting.

As much as I love painting plein air, it’s difficult to do when visiting with family members because it can be such a time sink. On such occasions, I take as many photos as I can get away with, trying to do so without irritating the rest of the group.

Image info:
Heisler Park
Laguna Beach, California
August 2018
Schmincke Horadam watercolors
Hahnemühle 150 lb rough press paper — 4” x 6”

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