Winter Watercolor Greeting Card

Christmas card

This is one of literally thousands of watercolor greeting cards that I’ve created over the past four decades, and this specific one went to my spouse as part of her gift from me this past Christmas. Did she enjoy it? You bet!

I began watercolor painting on-and-off back in grade school, painted more frequently in high school, then got more serious about it after college. During some tough, trying times for me back in the late-1980’s, watercolor painting was one of my go-to relief valves for all of the mental strain that I was going through during that period. It was also the time when I began to paint plein air, and create watercolor greeting cards for friends and family — for holidays, birthdays, and other important events.

Watercolor for me is all about the portability of the medium, as I try to keep my field kit small enough to fit in a shoulder sling bag or smaller (I kept it for many years in a small waist pack). I’ve painted while wilderness camping, hiking, car camping, trailer camping, in the mountains, at the beach, in the car, while on bicycle jaunts, and during extended road trips.

When starting out, I began with the cheapest colors I could find, then slowly graduated from junk colors to student-grade, then from student-grade colors to professional-grade, and from cheap brands to top-tier brands. At this point I’ve tried nearly all of the major brands from the top watercolor manufacturers, as well as most of the major watercolor papers.

Even though I’ve been doing them for a very long time, I still immensely enjoy watercolor painting — whether the painting that I’m doing is very loose and free, or very detailed and controlled — and I’m still continuing to learn new things that I missed earlier.

Image info:
Christmas watercolor greeting card
December 2020
Schmincke Horadam watercolors
Indian 100% cotton rag 300 lb paper — 4” x 6”

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